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Hailing from North Carolina, two sisters and friends of the Maggie Valley band came together in the town they now identify themselves with. Each member learned their trade of music in the beautiful mountains of Maggie Valley, NC. Sisters Whitney & Caroline Miller grew up in a home where playing the piano was a daily requirement. Daily requirements turned to passion as they hit the streets to street busk. After years of busking, The Maggie Valley Band was officially formed and decided to take it inside-to venues. TMVB released their album "The Hardest Thing" in 2018 under under the direction of Grammy & Emmy nominated producer, David Mayfield. TMVB comes together to produce a sound affectionately referred to as "Dark Appalachian". 

TMVB's career has taken them as far as Canada to Southern Florida and partnering with great & diverse acts such as: David Mayfield, Jason Isbell, Infamous Stringdusters, Robert Randolph & the Family Band Black Lillies, Indigo Girls,Brent Cobb, Donna & the Buffalo Lonesome Riverband and many more!


Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Banjitar / Whitney Miller
Vocals, Bass, Percussion / Caroline Miller






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No matter where you catch The Maggie Valley Band, you are sure to enjoy their brand of Americana as only two siblings playing together for a lifetime can bring.
— Independent Mail News
As sweet vocal harmonies and the catchy twang of the banjitar kick in on the opening track listeners will be totally caught off guard by the melancholy, loss, death and despair that is to follow.
— Chris Martin, Atlanta Auditory Association
“Whitney and Carolina Miller of the Maggie Valley Band have a fresh take on an old country sound. Their brand of “dark Appalachian music” will simultaneously crush your soul and send your heart soaring.” 
— Meeghan Kane, Auntie Bellum Magazine
In addition to the harmonies, The Hardest Thing turns a fresh spotlight on the band’s assured competence with Appalachian music and retro touches such as midcentury ‘60s influences.
— Ken Ulmer, The828


The Maggie Valley Band captures the heart of Appalachia. Their music is genuine in that it resonates deep within the band members before an audience hears even a chord. In a society consumed with instant gratification and idols of endless genre, The Maggie Valley Band surfaces strength, heart, and traditions of simpler days.
— Jessie Kerr
What really sets the group apart is the almost chilling vocal harmony of the sisters Miller. There is a weight to the music here that occasionally echoes The Band at its best. The group’s songs are filled with evocative images of timeless struggles. It usually takes a lifetime to write the kinds of songs these talented sisters have already created.
— Scenes Media
"The Hardest Thing" Album.  Produced by David Mayfield 2018 $12

"The Hardest Thing" Album.

Produced by David Mayfield 2018 $12

Don't Go EP (2016) $6.00

Don't Go EP (2016) $6.00

The Maggie Valley Band "Bring Us Back" EP (2015) $6.00

TMVB Blue or Almond Enamel Coffee Mugs
The Maggie Valley Band Tshirt $18.00  (various colors depending on supply)! All t-shirts designed and printed locally within Asheville, NC.

The Maggie Valley Band Tshirt $18.00

(various colors depending on supply)! All t-shirts designed and printed locally within Asheville, NC.


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Don't Go

LoneSome Road blUES

2014 Acoustic Version

Fish Or The Water 

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